The owner of the steel motor yacht Funny came to me for painting the hull en applying two layers of antifouling paint. Since the hull was painted ten years ago the lacquer had become dull, there were some portions with crackle and regular use had caused some scratches. Because of the crackles I opted for first applying a layer of IJmopox HB Coating as a sealing and levelling primer.

Next four layers of paint in the original colors of the hull were applied. De IJssel Double coat was used, which is a DD-type topcoat. This topcoat has supreme bonding strength on IJmopox HB Coating.

The suggested treatment of the underwater hull consisted of applying two layers of antifouling paint, as requested by the customer. The underwater hull was in a worse condition than expected. After deliberation the customer yet decided to add two layers of primer to the treatment.

De bad state of the underwater hull can be attributed to anodes of the wrong material, which resulted in minimal protection against electrolysis. After the paint job new, more suitable anodes were fitted for a complete protection for the following seasons.