Polyester osmosis treatment



Blasting and flushing happens by means of a water blasting system that removes material under high pressure. The acidic residue that is formed by polyester osmosis is flushed away.

Drying, depending on depth 6-9 months

The treated surface has to reach a relative moisture content of less dan 20% before finishing in order to prevent polyester osmosis to occur again.

Potential polyester repair

Depending on the depth of the damage it can be necessary to repair the polyester hull with polyester resin and fibre glass mats.

Sanding/applying filling primer/sanding

In order to achieve a smooth surface the underwater hull is sanded, treated with a filling primer and sanded again.

Paint system consisting of three layers of primer and two layers of  antifouling paint

The primer protects the underwater hull against infiltration of moisture and the antifouling paint prevents growth and sticking of algae, shells and other unwanted aquatic life.